Monday, January 11, 2010

What's wrong with your face!?

My resolution for the year. Be myself and enjoy it. In trying to keep this resolution (I have done great! Eleven days into the year and it hasn't been broken, GO ME!) I am going to talk about something I am learing "to live with."

Most women have body image issues. Whether it be the "junk in their trunk", thunder thighs, baby pooch, or the boobs that now hang TO their baby pooches, we all have them. Mine you ask? Acne.

In recent weeks, I have been asked by close family members, who shall remain nameless (Drew), what is wrong with my face. Seriously. Is that not SO RUDE?! I don't ask why they waddle like a duck or have knee caps that relate to the size of a horse!

Yes, I have ACNE. A.C.N.E. Acne. Adult acne, hormomal teenage acne, baby acne. Whatever you want to call it, I have it. Often. It usually peaks during "my time of the month," two weeks before then, and probably the week after, but nevertheless, there is usually a blemish (or four) on my face. I pick my face out of habit, and I know it needs to stop. Sometimes I shy away from people because I don't want them staring at the third eye that has miraculously appeared out of nowhere! I have tried everything from soap and water to Clean & Clear, Accutane, and ProActiv and nothing has worked. Therefore, I just need to get over it, stop picking it (know I will always have it) and realize there are bigger "issues" out there I need to be worrying about- like who Jake is going to pick on "The Bachelor". (Did anyone see it tonight!? D.R.A.M.A!!! Stay tuned for the Top Ten List!)

So! I am going to try and stop making it such an issue. I am going to "embrace" my acne (if that's what you want to call it) and worry about the "bigger" issues out there.

Ladies (and men if you are reading as well). Let us unite together and embrace some of the things we might not be able to control, because in most cases (obviously not in mine) people don't notice if your thighs rub together, if your fingers are crooked, or if you have hair on your back. Only you. So be you. Or try to be you. And I will try to like my face. Or the zits on my face. The Princess (aka my four year old daughter) seems to like them. She often points out to me that I have them... so sweet of her.

On a lighter note, American Idol starts tomorrow night (Tuesday) on Fox! I am SO glad that the TV shows are starting back up again. I am SICK of having to socialize with my husband and kids!!!



The Foisy's said...

Ha, you crack me up!! I can say something nice to you, I freaking think you're so funny! I love the bachelor too and I was totally engrossed in the drama last night. That model girl is a total hooker!!! Can't wait till next week1

Aubrey said...

Thanks for that!! I think this is going to be my favorite blog of all time. I really need to take this advice because heaven knows I stress way too much about not fitting into prebaby clothes.

Heather said...

Love the posts so far. Great job! Your face is fine. My "biggest" problem is my butt!