Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is US.

Now that we have a few posts under our belts, it is time to introduce YOU to US.

We are Aunt and Niece. There is an eight year gap between us and we have grown up like sisters. Niece, passing through middle school and high school 8 years after Aunt was repeatedly mistaken for Aunt by middle and high school teachers. There is an eight month difference in the time we were married (Niece being married first), and a three month difference of our first born daughters (Aunt winning that one). Niece had a baby boy two years after The Princess was born, and Aunt had a baby girl exactly one year after that.

Aunt is definitely the beauty guru of the two. Niece always abides by the "Beauty Rules of Aunt" and has often dyed and cut her hair to the specifications of Aunt, and when there has been a bad cut or color, Niece often goes to Aunt to either blame her or get confirmation that the hair do is as really as bad as it looks. Niece often receives the "hand me downs" of Aunt which has included clothes with tags still on it, designer jeans (Niece being the cheap one), and home decor. Aunt loves to shop, plan parties, and spend irresponsibly on whatever beauty product claims to make her beautiful. Her life is filled with family, friends, and being in "the know" of entertainment news. (She also knows A LOT about the little things like politics and world issues). She however gets and "F" in personal finance.

Niece is the more conservative one. 'Great Value' is her middle name! She thinks (or thinks she thinks) more logically than Aunt (sometimes), and often offers her opinion whether it is wanted or not. Patience is a definite trial for the both of us, but with a Diet Coke (Niece drinks Diet Pepsi) anything can be solved for both of them and the children...

We talk multiple times a day, commiserating together as we attempt to excel, or sometimes just survive motherhood. And of course to discuss more important matters like if Rozlyn really cheated on Jake on The Bachelor.

We explained a little bit in the first post, but we want this blog to be interactive, a place where you can find some relief. We know that we can't be the only two ladies out there that feel overwhelmed with every day life and still maintain some personal hygiene. We want meal ideas, cleaning tips, beauty product suggestions, parenting styles, and stories.... we will have some sort of structure set up in the next week or so (if the kids would just leave us the heck alone for a couple of hours), but please, please PLEASE! help us with this. We hope that as a network of moms, wives and WOMEN we can keep each other somewhat sane and happy.

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