Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snot rag.

There are many times in a day that one or both of my children (ages two and four) come and "give me a hug" to either wipe their snotty noses on my pants, skirts, or shoulders. The first "hug" usually comes about three minutes after I put on my pants. I know this comes with the "joys" of motherhood, but really!? On my new black shirt I just got at Target?! ARG.

Point of the story. I was at dance the other day, and saw a Mom with dried snot on her shoulder. AWESOME. I felt much better, knowing that my shoe had just been peed on by The Boy...


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Kelly said...

I kindof love when I put on a dress or skirt for church and see that it has some sort of "something" on it from last time I wore it and I'm like "Oh well, it would've gotten dirty today anyway."