Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Housewife, mother -- A.K.A. Penguin Killer

As I was walking out of the baby's nursery the very concerned four-year-old said, " Mom, you forgot to turn off the light... and that kills baby penguins." She then walked back into the nursery and turned the light off. After some probing, she told me that her daddy told her that "when we (meaning MOMMY), forget to turn off lights and close the garage door, it causes the earth to warm, and baby penguins die." Wow. The husband just hit an all time high in the art of 'scaring a child to death to accomplish an agenda.' By the way, this is coming from a guy who believes (for the most part) that global warming doesn't exist.
While I nag a bit about the forgotten ice cream bowls left in his office with the spoon frozen to the bottom, and the age old toilet lid issue, HIS issue is with lights left on and the garage door left open. Of course, my peeves never win any arguments because they aren't money suckers, although, I could argue that I have thrown out over a dozen bowls since we have been married.
But really? Need we resort to manipulating the 4 year old? I gotta give him credit though. His plan was a success, because she won't ever forget those words..."killing penguins" and she won't let me forget them either.


Holly O. said...

One of my very favorite stories!! That husband of yours is brilliant.

Faeth said...

I though Brian stopped believing in Global warming?!?!?!