Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You know you're a mom when....

{1} You step in something wet on the carpet and aren't sure if its apple juice or pee.

{2} You now say "potty" instead of "bathroom or restroom"

{3} You have snot stains on all of your couch cushions because it is easier to wipe your nose as you're running by than the Kleenex box two inches away... (anyone wanna come over and hang out on the couch!?)

{4} You have enough snacks on your car floors to survive for a month if an earthquake hit.

{5} The staples to your grocery list include: Apple juice, cereal (sugared of course) and Diet Pepsi to make it through the day!

{6} You are late to church every week no matter what time it starts because you can't get ready... maybe that's just laziness though.

{7} You plan your whole day around nap time so everyone can have an enjoyable day

{8} You can't find one clean piece of paper because there are "grocery lists" all over everything.

{9} You have girls night out starting at 9:00 PM because you have to wait until all the kids are in bed...

{10} You invest a lot of money in bras to hold up your boobs to put them in a normal place because heaven knows they don't hang how they used to!

{11} It's easier to have your kids friends over to entertain them, so you can get some cleaning done.

{12} You subconsciously rock a baby doll as if you are rocking a real baby.

{13} Going to the grocery store alone is actually a treat!

{14} You don't remember the last time you showered by yourself... or was able to get ready without being "interrupted"

{15} The last ten minutes before the kids bed time seems like it is dragging on for HOURS!


Shelly said...

It's sad how many of those are dead-on!

Aubrey said...

My life to a tee!! I love this post. I literally just called my friend yesterday and asked her to send her daughter over to distract my son so I could clean!

natasha said...

all of them especially showering alone. oh how i wish!