Thursday, February 18, 2010

Balls & Smells.

Three stories in one:

I have a new "discipline" system in place in our house. It is known as the BALL system. How it works. They are good, clean up, listen, help each other, they get a ball or two. If they are naughty ie. hit, scream, tell me no, they have to give their balls up. Once they hit a certain number, they get a prize. This time: Go to Jumpin' Jacks when they get 50. It took 4 1/2 weeks to get there, but they made it! And we went. This brings me to story number two.

I have problems with play areas. Especially enclosed play areas (McDonalds, Jumpin' Jacks) in the winter. The germs freak me out. You never know where snot, spit, or pee has landed or been hidden. Well tonight was no exception of snotty nosed little rugrats. We were all but done with the place when Gavin was getting off this plastic little car saying "Help MAMA!" The husband ran over to help him, and then handed him to me drenched in PEE. That's right. My kid was "one of them" There was a puddle right under where he was hanging. I made him waddle out of the place while B disinfected the area with hand sanitizer and we booked it out of there before we were labeled as "that kid and his parents." So gross.... and so embarassing. And this brings me to story number three.

There is a smell that everyone knows. The dirty kid smell. Not the hormonal, over active teenage BO smell, the dirty kid smell. It is the smell that overwhelms your nostrils as you open the front door to an elementary school? Yeah, that smell.

Anyway, I leaned down to give my little girl a kiss on the top of her head tonight and as I did I smelled it. THE scent I have dreaded. Mind you, I give my kids a bath almost every night, just so they don't ever smell like it. And she did. I was horrified. I can't believe she is old enough to have THAT smell. I have never noticed it before. And I hope to never smell it again. But then again, I have a little boy- and I know he will start smelling sooner than later. Dang. We might have to up the baths to three times a day to avoid it.

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