Monday, February 8, 2010

Brownie Cupcakes?!

Best idea ever... almost!

I love brownies. LOVE brownies. Especially ones with powdered sugar on them. Just the good ol' brownie out of a box mixed, baked, and cooled. The edge is my favorite, especially if it is crunchy. That is beside the point.

There is a simple solution to being able to have the brownie cut without getting all squished up when you are scooping it out of the pan. And its not the nifty little pan seen {here}. Although, this thing is pretty amazing, I have a cheaper way of getting the "perfect" brownie. (Aunt will most likely be buying the pan)

CUPCAKE BROWNIES! I am sure many of you have thought of this, but this "invention" has just been introduced into my life and I LOVE it!

All you do is line your muffin tin with holders, add the brownie mix and bake them! You can frost them if you want, sprinkle powdered sugar or just eat them out of the wrapper! YUM.


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Anonymous said...

Love your blog...can't wait to try brownie cupcakes. I had never thought about that before.

Also, just looking for the first recipe where you did the chicken strips. Can you please add it again? My family will thank you!