Saturday, February 20, 2010

I don't feel good.

DISCLAIMER: I am posting this on my (niece) {personal blog} as well.

I hear this phrase no less than 15 time a day. No exaggeration. It makes me cringe every time I hear it, just for the mere fact that there is going to be a list of problems that my hypochondriac four year old "has." And this girl can make up problems with the best of them. It must be a Martin trait that she has inherited (good at making crap up). As soon as I say, "No, your tummy feels fine," her "head hurts," and then her ankle is going to bleed, and then she might throw up at school if she goes, or poop her pants because all of the sudden she has chronic diarrhea, or just possibly her skin might start getting blue and pink stripes on it which then will make her fingers start to swell, in turn making them possibly pop off if she has to buckle herself up. Because heaven forbid that she does something that she doesn't just LOVE to do or that isn't her idea.

I was so frustrated with it, I didn't even make her go to school, in fear of her contracting the hantavirus. After losing count how many sicknesses she came down with during the night, and bawling for 2o minutes, she was sent back to her room to "feel better." Because as we all learned when we pulled this stunt ourselves when we were little, if you are too sick to go to school, you are too sick to play. And sure enough, five minutes after missing the carpool and me losing my cool (surprise surprise), she felt totally fine when she found out she couldn't watch TV or play with friends that day. I made her stay in her bed for a whole 20 minutes or so, until I got sick of her yelling, "MOM! Can I come out yet?! I feel better!" Then our day started. Needless to say, she didn't stay in her room the whole day, BUT I didn't let her play with friends... I know I'm tough. Speaking of tough, the husband is not. He totally falls for every issue, problem, or sickness that arises with her. Therefore, I am yelling at two people convincing the both of them that she is fine.

One day, I want to pull the "I don't feel good" card and not be able to do anything. Or throw a fit so that they will think I am tired and need to take a nap! Or be given everything I ever want or need in a five minute window... but then again, my house would be destroyed, I would get woken up to change a movie, and I would have to provide my own wants since I am "the adult". Oh, to be a kid again!

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