Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's a mother to do!?

I'm at a loss. A couple of issues have come about in my household. Two stories. Two problems.


My two year old wears pajamas (as most people do). Yammies in his two year old language. That is not the issue. The issue lies in that he NEVER, EVER wants to take them off. EVER. Not even when they are soaked in Cap'n Crunch milk or at juice (also two year old for apple juice). Recently, he has been throwing MAJOR tantrums about taking them off.

Now, I don't mind letting him run around the house in his yammies all day, but not in public. It's just not my thing. Until today. I had to go to the bank. I tried, oh man did I try, but he WOULD NOT, take his pajamas off. He cried, screamed, thrashed around, and hid under the covers trying not to put them on. So I did what any mom would do (I at least convinced myself of that). I got all ready, added extra make-up, hairspray, put some heels on, and hauled him into the bank in his pajamas. I figured at least one of us has to look decent. Most people probably thought that I was "into myself" more than my kid, but who really cares!? He was SO PROUD of his jammies. He told the lady there he had his "yammies on". And the husband, and aunt, and everyone else. He was SO excited. Happy kid, I guess happy mom! Is that totally white trash or what? (No offense to anyone who lets their kids wear their jammies everywhere, like I said, just not MY thing!)


The dinner I made tonight was not my fave. Not at all. In fact, I knew I wasn't going to like it when I decided to make it. It was made specifically for the husband. He has been BEGGING me to make meatloaf (bleck) for years now and finally I decided to be nice and make it. If you like meatloaf, here is the recipe. Multiply the salt and pepper by 1000 and add a bunch of garlic powder.

As I said before, I am not a fan. And obviously, either is my daughter. So the question is. Do I make her eat the nastiness of the loaf when I didn't!? She is usually a good eater (especially when I threaten dessert), but I didn't have the heart to make her suffer! Should I have been firm with her and make her choke it down or was I OK to let it slide tonight!? The husband and I were "discussing heavily" over it. I think I won. Or should have won. She ate a cookie for dinner instead.


Cheryl said...

Number One:
I LOVE LOVE seeing I have new SJJ posts on my GReader.

Number Two:
Who knows they're yammies unless someone tells them, little kid clothes are just super-matchy-matchy!

Running with kids...... said...

Thanks for your comment. I wish I could eat anything, I would love that.
My son also two loves is "jam jams," I just started putting clothes over them! He thinks it is so funny, to pull up his shirt and tell people he has them on. This lasted for about 3 weeks, now he will take them off. I know about the fit throwing though. Good luck with that.
On the cooking subject:
I used to make me and the kids different dinners, on the nights we eat Shepherds pie, Tater Tot casserole, Stuffed Bell peppers, and anything else Mike wants. It wasn't working....so this is what I do now.
I make what Mike wants for his lunches, I make the whole pan just for him! We eat yummy dinners, we are all happy. I guess its a good thing he likes left overs, because that is what he gets for lunch.