Friday, March 26, 2010


Housewife: ˈhas-ˌwīf n., pl., -wives (-wīvz'). A woman who manages her own household as her main occupation.

The husband told me last week that if I was on American Idol, that is what would be put under my name. Wow! Really?! Housewife?! Not amazing mom?! or just PERFECT under my name?! When the heck did I get demoted to just housewife?! Now don't get me wrong. It's a fine title to have. Most days, I don't mind it. But last week, I think my title would have been schlump.

Schlump: A lazy, overweight, under- or unemployed, undesirable middle-aged man. Usually wears crappy clothing. Shaves infrequently. Has nonchalant attitude about everything.

Pretty much how I was last week. I was super lazy. My house rarely got picked up, I was SO ornery with the kids, and irritable at the husband. Dinner was at the bottom of my list. I think we had cereal three nights. And the others we ate out. Granted, I was fighting a sinus infection the first part of the week but still. The point of my post.

Being a housewife is a full time job (as most of you know). With little benefits and no pay. The work is the same day in and day out with a few exceptions. Like I said before, I don't mind being a housewife. And I love being a stay at home mom (mostly). I don't even have to go into details on what happens. I assume most of you know. But really?! Do the kids HAVE to bring all of their toys from their playroom into the living room?! I thought that is what the playroom is for right?! And the pressure I feel from the "boss" to make sure that the house is picked up and spotless. Not that he puts on pressure... I just feel like that is "my job" And it's not like I am going to get fired if their are army guys strewn around the house. Or if dinner is "late." Because what happens if he did fire me? NOTHING! The house would be even worse than what it looked like before I got fired! So, BRING IT ON!

Needless to say, sometimes being a housewife sucks. But being a Mom with the benefits of going to the park, swimming, or just hanging with friends works kind of outweighs scrubbing the toilets.... most days.

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