Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stretch marks.

Yes, yes, yes. It is time for me to rant about another body issue that I have. You're stoked right?! Just to know that I really am not as perfect as I seem!? So... from the title, you should know what I am going to moan about... A lot of people have them. Mainly women, but men, and even some teenagers if they grow too fast! (I try to make myself feel better about it). Either way, I am one of the unfortunate ones that have them. I got them two weeks before I gave birth to my first child. I thought I was free since I had made it 38 weeks without any. And then it started... the itching got worse and worse, and then I noticed that little red line right under the place where my belly button used to be. And then I noticed a few more the next couple of days, and well- you get the picture. And they hurt! I never thought they would hurt, but man did they hurt! I was pissed! (yes Mom, I know that didn't sound very lady like). If she only would have come two weeks early, I would have been SCAR FREE. But. She didn't. And now, I hate it. And I have this layer of fat in between my stomach muscles and skin, plus the stretched out skin (obviously I don't have much elasticity in it) and no matter how much weight I lose, it is ALWAYS there. ALWAYS... And kind of looks like cottage cheese. Is that WAY too much information!? Probably. At least you don't have to look at it. I am SO jealous of all of you women that have stretchy skin. I don't even want more kids, just for the fact that I don't want to think about what my skin will end up looking like... UGH.

Stretch marks SUCK.

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megan thomas said...

I got a bra at nordstrom today. So I'm standing in front of that horrific 3 way mirror with just my bra on. (no garments to hid the belly/side/back fat. Cottage cheese on my back! Damn the 3 way mirror! So of course I headed strait to the tanning salon to "cover the cottage cheese." Now I just need to get rid of the sun damage I just caused... I loathe the upcoming swimsuit season. I crack up every time I read this blog! See you tomorrow Janalyn. Get those pillows fluffed!