Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The age of the mini-van!

DISCLAIMER: I do not judge anyone for wanting, owning or inheriting a mini-van.

I have friends that drive mini-vans. My friends husbands drive mini-vans! And they LIKE it. I cannot even believe that I am old enough to consider driving a van. I remember the brown van that my parents used to drive. And we were so embarrassed to be seen in it, that we would slide down in our seats or pretend we were picking something up, when we drove by people we knew. Luckily, before we got too old, they upgraded to a van with tinted windows. But I remember having conversations with my friends that we wouldn't be caught dead in a mini-van. SUV's were just becoming popular, so we were for sure that we would all drive one.

Needless to say, most of them drive mini-vans. I am twenty seven. TWENTY SEVEN. That is WAY too young to be even considering a van. Old, soccer moms drive vans. Or so I thought. Until the Honda Odyssey arrived. And now, everyone drives a van. Honda's, Hyundai's, Mazda's, whatever kind of van there is. They have it. And don't look like total dorks. But once again, I AM TWENTY FREAKING SEVEN! When did it become cool to drive a minivan? Since they have automatic doors that open and close at the push of a button, they have DVD players, or a trunk that can store half of a grocery store in it!? Or is it because they have seats that go up, down, back, forward and around?! I am hoping that I will not resort to driving a van (no offense once again) cosidering I drive an "old school" SUV with enough seats to hold five possible children. But if I do... at least I'll be with the "in crowd."


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Cheryl said...

I will NEVER have one either! Hondassey's are definitely nice, but I'll stick with my CRV, thanks!